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Duronto Train List

The Duronto Express introduced in 2005 .They are a set of long-distance non stop trains that have no commercial stops between the origin and the destination. The first Duronto Express Train ran from Sealdah to New Delhi.

The following is a list of Duronto Express:

No.Train NameFromDepToArrDurationHaltsSpeedTrain Running Days
12213Yesvantpur - Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC Duronto ExpressYPR23:40DEE07:00 31h 20m6 76 km/hr
12214Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Yesvantpur AC Duronto ExpressDEE23:00YPR07:55 32h 55m5 72 km/hr
12219Mumbai LTT - Secunderabad AC Duronto ExpressLTT23:05SC11:05 12h 0m2 64 km/hr
12220Secunderabad - Mumbai LTT AC Duronto ExpressSC23:05LTT11:05 12h 0m2 64 km/hr
12221Pune - Howrah AC Duronto ExpressPUNE15:15HWH19:50 28h 35m6 71 km/hr
12222Howrah - Pune AC Duronto ExpressHWH08:20PUNE11:45 27h 25m6 74 km/hr
12223Mumbai LTT - Ernakulam AC Duronto ExpressLTT20:50ERS20:15 23h 25m4 55 km/hr
12224Ernakulam - Mumbai LTT AC Duronto ExpressERS21:30LTT23:55 26h 25m4 49 km/hr
12227Mumbai Central - Indore AC Duronto ExpressMMCT23:15INDB11:05 11h 50m3 70 km/hr
12228Indore - Mumbai Central AC Duronto ExpressINDB23:00MMCT10:50 11h 50m3 70 km/hr
12239Mumbai Central - Jaipur AC Duronto ExpressMMCT23:15JP14:35 15h 20m3 76 km/hr
12240Jaipur - Mumbai Central AC Duronto ExpressJP19:10MMCT10:50 15h 40m3 74 km/hr
12245Howrah - Yesvantpur Duronto ExpressHWH10:50YPR16:00 29h 10m4 67 km/hr
12246Yesvantpur - Howrah Duronto ExpressYPR11:00HWH16:45 29h 45m4 66 km/hr
12259Sealdah - New Delhi AC Duronto ExpressSDAH18:30NDLS11:30 17h 0m3 86 km/hr
12260New Delhi - Sealdah AC Duronto ExpressNDLS19:40SDAH12:45 17h 5m3 85 km/hr
12261Mumbai CSMT - Howrah AC Duronto ExpressCSMT17:15HWH19:50 26h 35m6 74 km/hr
12262Howrah - Mumbai CSMT AC Duronto ExpressHWH08:20CSMT10:30 26h 10m5 75 km/hr
12263Pune - Hazrat Nizamuddin AC Duronto ExpressPUNE11:10NZM06:55 19h 45m5 77 km/hr
12264Hazrat Nizamuddin - Pune AC Duronto ExpressNZM10:55PUNE07:10 20h 15m5 75 km/hr
12265Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Jammu Tawi Duronto ExpressDEE22:15JAT07:25 9h 10m1 63 km/hr
12266Jammu Tawi - Delhi Sarai Rohilla Duronto ExpressJAT19:20DEE04:20 9h 0m1 64 km/hr
12267Mumbai Central - Rajkot AC Duronto ExpressMMCT23:25RJT10:55 11h 30m2 64 km/hr
12268Rajkot - Mumbai Central AC Duronto ExpressRJT19:05MMCT06:00 10h 55m2 68 km/hr
12269MGR Chennai Central - Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto ExpressMAS06:40NZM10:40 28h 0m6 78 km/hr
12270Hazrat Nizamuddin - MGR Chennai Central Duronto ExpressNZM15:45MAS20:40 28h 55m6 75 km/hr
12273Howrah - New Delhi Duronto ExpressHWH08:35NDLS06:25 21h 50m5 70 km/hr
12274New Delhi - Howrah Duronto ExpressNDLS12:55HWH10:40 21h 45m5 70 km/hr
12281Bhubaneswar - New Delhi Duronto ExpressBBS07:40NDLS06:25 22h 45m5 76 km/hr
12282New Delhi - Bhubaneswar Duronto ExpressNDLS12:55BBS11:15 22h 20m4 77 km/hr
12283Ernakulam - Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto ExpressERS23:25NZM19:40 44h 15m9 60 km/hr
12284Hazrat Nizamuddin - Ernakulam Duronto ExpressNZM21:35ERS18:20 44h 45m9 59 km/hr
12285Secunderabad - Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto ExpressSC13:10NZM10:40 21h 30m4 77 km/hr
12286Hazrat Nizamuddin - Secunderabad Duronto ExpressNZM15:45SC14:00 22h 15m4 75 km/hr
12289Mumbai CSMT - Nagpur Duronto ExpressCSMT20:15NGP07:20 11h 5m3 75 km/hr
12290Nagpur - Mumbai CSMT Duronto ExpressNGP20:40CSMT08:05 11h 25m2 73 km/hr
12293Mumbai LTT - Allahabad AC Duronto ExpressLTT17:25ALD12:45 19h 20m6 69 km/hr
12294Allahabad - Mumbai LTT AC Duronto ExpressALD19:30LTT14:55 19h 25m6 69 km/hr
12297Ahmedabad - Pune AC Duronto ExpressADI22:30PUNE07:10 8h 40m3 72 km/hr
12298Pune - Ahmedabad AC Duronto ExpressPUNE21:35ADI06:30 8h 55m3 71 km/hr
22201Sealdah - Puri Duronto ExpressSDAH20:00PURI04:35 8h 35m1 63 km/hr
22202Puri - Sealdah Duronto ExpressPURI19:20SDAH04:15 8h 55m1 61 km/hr
22203Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad AC Duronto ExpressVSKP19:45SC06:15 10h 30m1 66 km/hr
22204Secunderabad - Visakhapatnam AC Duronto ExpressSC20:15VSKP06:30 10h 15m1 68 km/hr
22205MGR Chennai Central - Madurai AC Duronto ExpressMAS22:30MDU07:10 8h 40m1 64 km/hr
22206Madurai - MGR Chennai Central AC Duronto ExpressMDU22:45MAS07:20 8h 35m1 65 km/hr
22209Mumbai Central - New Delhi AC Duronto ExpressMMCT23:15NDLS16:30 17h 15m3 80 km/hr
22210New Delhi - Mumbai Central AC Duronto ExpressNDLS23:25MMCT16:15 16h 50m3 82 km/hr
22213Shalimar - Patna Duronto ExpressSHM22:00PNBE06:40 8h 40m1 62 km/hr
22214Patna - Shalimar Duronto ExpressPNBE20:40SHM05:40 9h 0m1 60 km/hr